Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Centralia - PA's Real Hot Spot

This video by the Discovery Channel, gives a good overview of the siutation in Centralia, PA, the town that's been on fire underground for over 40 years.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Haunted Inn in Stottsville

The same article that mentioned the bodies buried on the Cult House property also talked briefly about an earlier murder, that of another thief named Gary Crouch. Apparently, Mr. Crouch upset someone connected to the Johnston gang back in 1977 and ended up planted near the Stottsville Inn in western Chester County. Since the Stottsville Inn already has its share of ghost stories, he may not have been noticed.

Sitting along the Strasburg Road in Pomeroy, the Inn enjoys a fine reputation as a country restaurant and it doesn't appear to have been harmed any for having a few ghosts. As the story goes, a young woman named Josephine was murdered in her room by her husband Horace, who then killed himself. Near the front entrance there is a picture frame on a wall with a reproduction of Horace's suicide note which reads cryptically, "I love, love, love you. You are the dream of my life. Come with me to the shoe store and I will make love to you. Love, Horace."

Below that is a post-script in which Horace revealed his rather unorthodox form of suicide. It read: "P.S., I can't live without you so I will commit suicide in the barn. I will bite a cow's leg and he will kick me in the head and kill me. For without you, life is nothing."